Pure electric vehicle drive motor

Specifications Model: electric four-wheel drive motor
Voltage: 48V-96V
Power: 3KW-7.5KW
Number of revolutions: 0RPM-8000RPM
Insulation class: H grade
Cooling method: natural air cooling
Working system: S9
Protection class: IP65

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Installed in the middle of the car motor, through the reducer device, drive electric four-wheelers.
Electric four-wheel drive motor is asynchronous AC motor, the use of high-performance magnetic materials, energy saving, starting smooth, reliable, power density. AC motor maximum speed than the DC motor to improve a lot, more powerful, less starting current. Moreover, the AC motor can be recycled to the regenerative energy back to the battery, both to extend the battery life, but also these energy can be used to improve the overall performance of the car. The result is that the car starts faster in the running, acceleration and deceleration performance greatly improved, shortening the time to reach the highest speed and walking distance, the work efficiency is significantly improved.
Summary Advantages:
First, the structure is simple, reliable, power density.
Second, the starting current is small, climbing ability.
Third, long life, low maintenance costs, low noise.
Fourth, the speed range, high speed accuracy.
Fifth, the motor with cast aluminum rotor, cast aluminum cover, stretch aluminum case, the motor is small, light weight, heat fast.
Applications: electric four-wheelers, the elderly scooter, sightseeing cars, electric special vehicles.


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